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About Us

Opened in September 2019, the School of Nursing’s new Biobehavioral Research Lab (BBL) will provide students with new avenues to explore symptom science using state of the art technology to further their understanding of the intersections of biology and behavior.

The BBL is committed to supporting and promoting faculty and students’ research in the use of biobehavioral measures and physiological, genetic, and genomic approach.

The lab’s primary focus are the  digestive system disorders, such as IBS, and pain, such as chronic lower back pain.


Beach Hall

The first floor of Beach Hall holds the Biobehavioral Lab's 1,300 square foot laboratory, amply equipped with freezers, a biosafety hood, and other equipment and instruments.

The BBL collaborates with the laboratory of Center for Advancement in Managing Pain (CAMP) to conduct quantitative sensory testing (QST) for pain management research.


The first floor of Arjona Hall holds the Biobehavioral Lab's clinical research center, where participants can go for study participation.

There are two private rooms for participant data collection, including: interview, biobehavioral and physical assessment, bio-sample collection, and intervention distribution.


What support Does BBL Offer to Our Researchers?

The Biobehavioral Research Laboratory aims to support the different projects of our SON faculty and students by:

  • Providing a space for the recruitment of the participants, we count with a room approved by EHS to collect biological samples such as blood, saliva, and buccal swabs. And a second room for physical examination.
  • BBL staff organizes and keeps clean our research areas following applicable UConn regulations, such as COVID-19 and others.
  • Access to our calendars to schedule your participants appointments.
  • Guidelines on how to collect samples and store them.
  • Transportation of samples to our wet lab in Beach Hall for storage.
  • A GA is always present in our premises between 8:00am to 5:00 pm to assist in case of emergencies, when you are with your participant.

Which services does BBL offer per a fee?

Related to Participants recruitment

  • Bio-specimen collection (blood, saliva samples, buccal swabs)
  • QST training
  • QST protocol set up
  • REDCAP project setup

We also offer blood collection kits and label printing services for a fee.

Related to samples

  • DNA extraction and quantification from Buccal Swabs, whole blood, fecal samples.
  • RNA extraction from whole blood collected in PaxGene tubes
  • SNP genotyping  (TaqMan existing assays)
  • Sample storage (limited to available space)
  • ELISA test in ELLA single Plex (one or multiple analytes at a time), or traditional ELISA’s in plate reader
  • Sample pre-processing (sample aliquoting for storage in different formats, blood components separations)

To request any of our services or consultations, send us an email to


If you are new to BBL and are thinking to use our facilities. Please fill out the application form to start planning your research: BBL Application Form.

For those projects ready to start don’t forget to share your Sample Handling and processing protocol.