Researcher works in a lab

What support does BBL offer researchers?

The Biobehavioral Research Laboratory aims to support the different projects of UConn faculty and students by providing:

  • Space for the recruitment of participants and data collection.
    • One room approved by EHS to collect biological samples, such as blood, saliva, and buccal swabs.
    • A second room for physical examination, behavioral assessment, or interviews.
  • Staff to organize and clean research areas following applicable UConn regulations, such as COVID-19 protocols.
  • Access to shared calendars to schedule participant appointments.
  • Guidelines on how to collect biological samples and store them.
  • Transportation of samples from the behavioral lab in Arjona Hall to our wet lab in Beach Hall for storage and processing.
  • A graduate assistant between 8:00am to 5:00 pm to assist in case of emergencies, when you are with your participant.

    Which services does BBL offer for a fee?

    Related to participant recruitment and data collection:

    • Bio-specimen collection (blood, saliva, buccal swabs)
    • Blood collection kits and label printing services
    • Quantitative sensory testing (QST) - pain threshold assessment with temperature, vibration, and pressure
      • Equipment use training
      • Protocol set up
    • REDCAP and Qualtrics project setup

    Related to samples processing:

    • Sample pre-processing (sample aliquoting, blood components separations)
    • DNA extraction and quantification from buccal swabs, whole blood, fecal samples
    • RNA extraction from whole blood collected in PaxGene tubes
    • SNP genotyping¬† (TaqMan existing assays)
    • ELISA test in Ella Simple Plex (one or multiple analytes at a time), or traditional ELISAs in plate reader
      • PCR and gel electrophoresis
      • Sample storage (limited to available space)